The Oregon Alliance for Education Equity (OAEE) is a non-partisan coalition of community organizations that represent communities of color, English Language Learners, education advocates, families and other stakeholders. We are united to eliminate racial and ethnic disparities in education and ensure that students of color and students learning English graduate prepared to be successful adults and global citizens. 

What are our challenges?

Oregon Has An Increasingly Diverse Student Population: 

The number of students of color in Oregon public schools has doubled over the past 15 years. Students of color comprised 16.3% (88,196) of public school enrollment in 1997. In the 2012-13 school year, they make up about 35% (198,922). This is a great asset for our state but Oregon schools struggle to meet the needs of these diverse youth. 

Oregon Students Are Not Graduating Prepared for College or Career:

In the Class of 2012, 71 percent of students graduated within four years. That number far less for students of color.  Among African American, Native American and English Language Learner students, only half graduated with a traditional diploma.


Oregon Lags Behind Other States:

Oregon has an unacceptable achievement gap and is one of seven states where the gaps between higher and lower income students widened from 2003 to 2011.


How do we begin to address these inequities?

INCREASE funding for priority populations (students of color, low-income, and ELL) that will assist schools with improving educational outcomes.

BUILD a comprehensive education system that supports students from Pre-K to high school and beyond.

CULTIVATE a diverse workforce by making a commitment to full the mandate of the Oregon Minority Teacher Act (1991) and support efforts for every school district to train, hire and retain a diverse workforce of teachers of color.

SUPPORT students in and out of school with wraparound services through resources allocated to culturally-specific organizations serving priority populations.

ELIMINATE zero tolerance and expulsion discipline policies that disproportionately target students of color.